Visitors Beware

If you ever visit our household or have a chance to meet Kona there is something you need to know…

If you put your face anywhere close to hers, be prepared for this:

Yeah, our dog is a very affectionate pup.  She won’t hesitate to give you a kiss on the face.  The other day at the dog park one of the owners learned this the hard way… Kona gave her a big kiss… on the lips… and the woman didn’t have her mouth closed.

Yep, that’s our girl 🙂


Classiest Dog Ever

I hope you can hear the sarcasm oozing from the title of this post. 

Today was the big day – Kona is at the vet to get spayed (and microchipped).  P and I were looking forward to it as we never want to go through this again.  Not that having a puppy in heat was a big deal – just a nuisance really – but it will be nice not to have to worry.  One puppy is enough thank you very much!

Anyways, I brought Kona to the vet this morning and when we arrived she was SUPER EXCITED.  I don’t think I can express in words her joy.  As soon as I let her out of the car (on leash of course) she made a beeline for the door, then sat patiently as we waited for the staff to unlock it.  Once inside, she discovered a german shepherd (wearing a cone of shame), a yellow lab, and a fluffy black dog.  Kona just about exploded in excitement.  The staff and the other dog owners all enjoyed watching Kona express her happiness (tail wagging at warp speed). 

I’m not sure how I managed to do this, but we did get Kona on the scale, and she actually sat patiently (although you could tell she was bursting with energy and wanted to move) as we waited for the scale to register a reading.  Only it was broken, so the receptionist had to walk over to fiddle around with it. 

Now, this is probably the moment where I should let you know about a bad habit of Kona’s, one that we’re trying to break.  So far she only does it with me, but I think that’s because of my height compared to P’s.  See, my bum is just above the height of her nose, so if she tilts her head up she can just lightly tap my bum with her nose.  Only, she likes to approach with her nose just slightly between my legs.  NOT COOL.

So yeah, the receptionist walked over to the scale and was trying to reset it.  Kona hopped off the scale and walked behind the receptionist.  All of a sudden the receptionist jumped up and emitted a little shriek.  Then she turned to me and said as she laughed, “I just got goosed!”

I knew EXACTLY what Kona had done and I was mortified!!!!

Kona of course was sitting behind the receptionist, wagging her tail and looking up with a happy grin on her face.  Yep, our dog is classy.


My apologies for the long absence since my last post.  Things are very hectic in our household these days – not only are we getting ready for Christmas, P’s birthday was this past Monday and Tuesday he wrote the final exam for a night class he took this fall.  On top of all that we’re in the midst of the most ambitious reno project we’ve taken on since moving into our house over 3 years ago. 

On my daily walks with Kona I generally let her wander around as far as the leash will let her.  Anytime we cross a street, and periodically throughout the rest of the walk I get her to heel.  I do this for safety (when crossing streets or approaching other people / animals) to make sure she still has part of her attention on me.  It also helps to divert her attention away from a scent when she gets focused on one.  When I think she’s heeled nicely and for a good amount of time, I release her from the heel by saying “Okay, go sniff!” and away she goes to explore. 

The other morning when I told her to “go sniff” she promptly slowed down and stepped behind me.  Next thing I knew, I felt a nose creeping up the inside of my thigh, underneath my parka.  The time it took for it to happen was milliseconds – the nose was immediately after I said “go sniff”. 

After a surprised shriek, I let her know that sniffing in that direction was NOT ACCEPTABLE and we continued on our walk. 

Unfortunately, now that she’s nearing her full-grown height she’s taken to sniffing our behinds quite often.  We’re doing all we can to let her know it is bad manners but she’s yet to really catch on.  This is not a habit we want her to maintain – especially when she meets other people!

This morning on our walk she dropped behind me again but this time it was not to sniff.  My raincoat had lots of rain droplets gathering on it and apparently she was thirsty… 


The Peanut Butter Game

If you’ve seen the movie Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, you already know about the Peanut Butter Game.  I’ve included a more detailed description of the scene at the end of this post, so you can avoid the spoiler in case you plan on seeing the movie and don’t want to know the details.  In a nutshell the Peanut Butter Game involves putting peanut butter on your cheek and letting a dog lick it off of your face. 

It was only a matter of time before we played this game with Kona.  P was the first to attempt it and he laughed through the whole experience.  He then proceeded to try to convince me to play.  I don’t mind when Kona licks my feet, hands, arms, legs… but licking my face is not something I enjoy.  Of course, P finds my discomfort very entertaining.  He will often pick up Kona so that her face is at the same height as mine and encourage her to give me “kisses”. 

Despite my reservations, P was persistent so I eventually caved in and put a bit of peanut butter on my cheek. 

Now, my first mistake was in the peanut butter placement.  I put it on the centre of my cheek and in retrospect I should have placed it closer to my ear.  As a result, when Kona went to lick my cheek (which was kind of cute and tickled) she ended up also LICKING MY LIPS several times.  I was completely grossed out.  P was doubled over laughing.  Sometimes I think he gets a little too much enjoyment out of watching me squirm when I am out of my comfort zone. 

We’ve since played the game with my sister A, and our niece.  So far all who have tried it have enjoyed it although never as much as the spectators!

 **Spoiler Alert**

In Funny People, George’s (Sandler) ex-girlfriend and her two daughters introduce George and Ira (Rogen) to a game they play with their two dogs.  To demonstrate, the youngest daughter lies down on the ground and her face is coated in peanut butter.  They call over their Boston Terrier who eagerly licks the peanut butter off of her face.  Then it is George’s turn to have peanut butter on his face.  He lies down on the ground, but instead of a Boston Terrier, a Mastiff trots over to play the game. 

The Good and the Not So Good (aka a typical day with a puppy)

Since she was a puppy, we have given Kona a portion of her daily kibble quota by stuffing it in a Kong.  Sometimes it is soaked in water first and the Kong is frozen (this gives us more than enough time to enjoy an uninterrupted dinner of our own).  Regardless of how it is put together, she has to sit in her crate, and wait for the Kong and then eat the kibble in her crate.

I also feed her a biscuit right before I leave for work when she is crated for the day.  To “earn” the treat she has to go and sit in her crate and wait patiently.  It has become so habit forming that in the mornings she will head to her crate once I lock the back door (before I even have a biscuit in my hand).  It has also influenced her in that anytime she thinks she is about to receive a treat or another exciting goodie, she will head straight to the crate.

This morning I went to give her a new toy of hers that has become a favourite, the Bouncy Bone.  As expected she went into her crate to eagerly await the toy.  Since I like to mess with her head, I pointed towards her dog bed and started towards that end of the room.  She leapt to her feet, dashed over to the bed, pounced onto her bed and laid down.  The amount of excitement she displayed in the 10 seconds it took her to do this was incredibly entertaining and very cute.

And that’s what I love about having a puppy – the unlimited enthusiasm she shows for everything: a favourite toy, a yummy treat, a new person or dog crossing our path on a walk, the prospect of a ride in the car.  All little things, but to her they couldn’t be more exciting.

This of course makes up for the flip side… not 20 minutes later she abandoned her toy and started a silly run (aka running like an idiot at top speed in every direction).  This time the silly run began with a bee-line towards me, where I was settled on the couch enjoying my morning coffee.  In a split second, 50 lbs of chocolate lab sprang onto my lap, knocked over the mug of coffee in my hand, and onto the couch.  To her credit, she responded immediately to my yells of “off” and “bad puppy” and stopped in her tracks.  Thankfully the coffee was not piping hot at that point, and it’s an inexpensive Ikea couch with a slipcover that will be getting a good washing tonight.  Also learned this morning – somebody likes the taste of coffee…

Affectionately Ours

Greetings from Kona have always involved lots of kisses (licking), piggy grunts, and eager excitement.  While she is not necessarily interested in snuggling, she manages to show us signs of affection when we least expect it. 

One such moment occurred the other day, first with P and then with me.  P was playing with Kona and got down on the floor to wrestle with her.  In my case, I was on my hands and knees on the floor, reaching under the couch to retrieve one of her chew toys.  Both situations involved our heads at or below her level. 

In the past, she has responded to these moments by licking our faces and gently nibbling on our ears.  This time around, she added another affectionate gesture to the mix.  She patted us on the head.  Yes, as if we were the dogs and she was the human! 

It seems she has taken what we do to her, and she is turning the tables on us 🙂

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

We were very fortunate to discover a wonderful group of people and dogs who gather at a nearby park every weekend morning.  Once Kona was cleared to meet other dogs, we began taking her to this early get together so that she could get some exercise while playing (and socializing) with a variety of dogs. 

The dogs range in size and breed, and several of them are rescues.  All of them are friendly, happy, well-behaved dogs.  The owners are great people who are all responsible dog-owners.  It is a great environment for Kona to get to know other dogs and breeds and learn some dog manners! 

While the core group of dogs is the same every day, there are always one or two dogs that drop by each time that we haven’t met before.  One morning a few weeks back I was at the park with Kona and a “new” (to us) dog arrived.  His name was Rolo and he was a Hungarian Vizsla.  Friendly, beautiful dog, and such a great name! 

Rolo’s owner and I were chatting as our dogs played (although not with each other, Rolo was not a big fan of Kona’s puppy antics).  At one point, I was focussing on Kona’s interactions with another lab when all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet flowing onto my foot.  In the first split second I thought her water bottle was leaking.  As I looked down to see what it was I realized that Rolo was peeing on my leg. 

I’m not quite sure what thoughts started to flood through my mind at that moment, because I realized that Kona had just gotten into a spot she shouldn’t be.  Off I went to chase down our puppy.  Once I had Kona, Rolo’s owner came up to me and began apologizing profusely.  As you can imagine, she was mortified and she repeatedly offered to pay for cleaning my jeans.  All I could do was laugh.  As I told her, I was doing laundry that day anyways.  Besides, my jeans would be a lot easier to clean than some of the crate messes Kona made when her digestion was off. 

That’s probably the moment I knew I was truly a dog person.  Being peed on by a random dog and not being upset in the slightest.

Kona (3 months)