Who’s The Boss – Revisited

Last year I wrote about the ongoing stand-off between Keegan and Kona.  And by “stand-off”, I really mean Kona’s efforts to entice Keegan to play, and Keegan’s disdain and disinterest in her.

2012-12-31 10.56.55-1

This hasn’t changed much.  Although Keegan has figured out that Kona isn’t going to hurt him, so he’s become bolder with his actions.  He stands his ground if Kona approaches him and he’s bitten her face a few times.  It’s not very effective though – Kona only yelped once in pain.

2012-12-31 10.58.30-2

Kona has taken to a new tactic, one she likes to employ at the dog park with dogs who aren’t interested in playing…. She sniffs his bum.  Yes, our dog is classy.

2012-12-31 10.57.46-1

We still have gates up on our main floor to separate the dog and cat zones of the house.  Now that I’m home all day, every day, I am constantly walking through the gates, often with a baby in my arms, and they are becoming rather annoying.

We let Kona out into the cat area of the house fairly often now, and we’re ready to let her in that area permanently.  What we don’t want is for her to be able to get upstairs (gotta leave Keegan some dog-free space!).  Since we’ll  need a gate for the stairs eventually (O can’t roll over yet, but the months are flying by and he’ll be crawling relatively soon), we picked one up on sale a few weeks ago.  The plan is to keep the Family Room as the dog zone, where we can corral Kona when she is getting in the way (she likes to “help” when we are moving things in/out of the house and basement, or trying to mop the floor).

2012-12-31 10.58.37-2

I cannot wait – this is long overdue!


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