Snow Days

The weatherman is calling for lots of snow today, and for Kona’s sake I hope the forecast is right for once!  Nobody loves snow as.much as our pup….


She loves making snow dogs (is that what you call the dog version of snow angels?), and burying her face in the snow.  The first snowfall this winter she was in heaven!


Since O was born P has taken over the majority of the dog walking duties.  I try to walk her on weekend afternoons when P is around and can take over baby-duty.  I never thought I would say this, but I miss our early morning walks, especially after a night of snow fall.  The peace and calm of our neighbourhood before the hustle and bustle of people leaving for work and school.  That crisp clean air.  Making the first set of tracks in the snow.  I miss it… and maybe, just maybe, if the planets align and timing works out, I might be able to squeeze in a late evening stroll with our pup if it snows today. Maybe.


So as someone who is home on mat leave (and whose husband no longer drives into the City), I’m secretly wishing for a massive snowfall.  Apologies to all those who will have a miserable commute if my wish comes true!

(Photo Disclaimer:  Ok, these photos don’t capture her joy in the snow… she’s very “blue steel” when asked to pose for photographs.  Next time candids will be in order!)


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