Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a great night celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.  I was up, but not to celebrate as I have in years past 😉

While I’m normally not one to make a New Years resolution, this year I am making an exception.  Since my last trimester began, and especially after our little one arrived, I have not made the time for myself to be active.  So this year my resolution is to try and incorporate being active into my new life as a mom.

I know the majority of fitness resolutions tend to fail, but I have a multi-step plan to help me succeed. The first step is that I’ve told my husband the plan and I’m sharing it on this blog.  P very supportive and encouraging in my efforts to be active.  Once I’ve verbally committed to him, I know he’ll be checking up on me to make sure I follow through as well as helping out at home (even more than he already does) to make sure that I have no excuses.  And then there’s the self-imposed guilt I will feel knowing I shared the plan here.

The second step is that I am trying out a mom and baby fitness class – Salsa Babies – to get me through the winter months.  I’m hoping the social aspect of the class, and the fact that I can bring O with me, will keep me motivated!



Fingers crossed that Baby O and I are smiling as much as the mom and baby in the cartoon when we try our first class in January.

And the third step is that I will start running again once the weather is warm enough to allow me to take the babe outside.  To help me do that, I’ll be using this:


Thanks to a fabulous kijiji find, P and I just invested in a great jogging stroller.  The snow has only just arrived and now I can’t wait until Spring to get a running program started (again).

Before our son arrived, I was actually opposed to getting a jogging stroller.  I had this crazy notion that running would be my “me time” and that I’d go out with Kona while P watched our baby.  Obviously I had no understanding of baby feeding and sleeping schedules back then!

So how about you? Any other New Years Resolutions out there?


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