The Nursery Reveal

I gave you a bit of a sneak peek at our nursery plans in yesterday’s post, and today I will be sharing with you the results!

In theory, not much work needed to be done on the nursery, except for some wallpaper removal.  Unfortunately, I never captured a picture of the 80’s era wallpaper as I incorrectly assumed that the photos we had from the house’s listing would show it as it was there when we moved in.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled up this photo only to discover that it was taken pre-wallpapering of the walls (perhaps before the previous owners bought the house?).

The room was originally built with a set of double doors, which we found exceptionally annoying.  When one door was locked in place, the opening to the room was only 2 feet wide.  If both doors were left open, you had to reach around one door to get access to the light switch.

Our hallway, with a view of the nursery double doors, from before we moved in

While P was in the middle of our master bedroom reno he suggested that we convert the double doors to a single 30 inch wide door.  I happily agreed and he did the framing and drywalling while he still had use of our master bedroom as a work space.  Best. Idea.  Ever.

We also swapped out the light switch to one with a dimmer switch – so during those night-time visits we don’t need to have the room light on full brightness.

A quick summary of our mini-projects within the overall nursery project:

  • Convert double doorway to single.
  • Relocate and replace light switch with dimmer switch.
  • Update electrical outlets to modern, tamper-proof ones that comply with current  Code.
  • Paint the walls and replace the original baseboards / trim with an updated style to match the rest of our house.
  • Install a wall decal to dress up the space.
  • Spray paint the original brass light fixture a lovely orange.
  • A DIY glider
  • Sewing:
    • crib skirt
    • crib blanket
    • throw pillow for glider
    • bird mobile
    • ottoman / foot cushion
    • change pad covers

The new entrance door is in the middle of the space, beside the room’s closet and across from a window, so our furniture layout ended up being divided along the two side walls.

The South side of the nursery (to the left of the entrance)

The North side of the Nursery (to the right of the entrance)

My favourite part of the nursery has to be the corner with the rocking chair, a DIY ikea hack that P completed following this tutorial.  It’s my new favourite reading nook in our house!

My mom helped us out by sewing the ottoman and the change pad covers.  In fact, she took the ottoman tutorial I sent her, and modified it by making the pillow out of muslin, then creating a slip cover in the patterned fabric.

I had ambitions of doing the rest of the sewing projects on my own, but sadly was only able to complete the throw pillow and the crib skirt (I really underestimated my decreasing energy levels in the third trimester).  Thankfully, mom volunteered to finish the crib blanket and the bird mobile projects.

She also surprised me by sewing a coordinating slip cover for my nursing pillow using the bird fabric that I picked for the crib blanket!

I decided to make my own posters for the space above the dresser. I had seen a set on Etsy that I absolutely loved that incorporated the lyrics to “You are my sunshine”.  The lyrics have a special meaning for me as one of my earliest memories is hearing my mother’s voice singing me that very song when I was little.  Since I wanted the colours to coordinate with the rest of the room, I gave it a go on our computer and came up with these three:

I’m still planning to add the bird mobile to the corner above the reading nook, but otherwise the nursery is complete.  I also recently saw a blog post where they took white curtains and dip-dyed them to add a splash of colour to the bottom – don’t tell P but I’m debating trying that too!

At the very least, the nursery is more than ready to welcome our little one when he / she arrives sometime in the next couple of weeks.  P and I couldn’t be happier with how the nursery has turned out and we’re sure the baby will too!

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2 thoughts on “The Nursery Reveal

    • Thanks Jeanette! I think the wall decal really brings everything together. And thank YOU for the colour inspiration – your baby blanket post reminded me how much I love the blue/turquoise and orange colour combo!

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