Nursery Inspiration

Now that I’ve finally shared the completion of our master bedroom project, I thought it would be a good time to share the other project we worked on this year… the nursery!  Before I get to the before and after pictures, I wanted to share how we came up with the design for the space.   

When P and I discovered that we would be needing a nursery in the relatively near future, we had just started the most ambitious home reno project we had ever planned.  The priority was to get the master reno done first, and then begin the nursery.

Since I wasn’t going to be painting the nursery (my usual task in our projects), and after the success of our bedroom curtains, I knew I wanted to have a few sewing projects to leave my mark on the space.  I loved the idea of the coordinating crib linen sets, but hated the price (especially as you aren’t supposed to use the bumper pads anyways) and thought sewing a crib skirt would be a great way to participate in the project AND save money.  So my first step was to look for fabrics to be the source of inspiration for the nursery.

We decided to wait for baby’s arrival (any day now!) to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl, so the colour scheme needed to be gender neutral.  I was adamant that I did not want a green nursery.  P found this funny, as green is a favourite colour of mine (I think I’m wearing the same green hoodie in 90% of the pictures taken of me).  But I wanted to do something different and green seems to be a pretty popular gender-neutral colour choice (for good reason, it’s awesome).

I went through a variety of colour schemes and ideas until I found the Chevron Remix fabric at Tonic Living.

While I originally was leaning towards a turquoise and red theme, this fabric, plus this baby blanket post over at This Dusty House led me towards substituting orange for the red.

I showed P the Chevron fabric, a few paint colours, and some other inspiration pictures that I had pinned.  While he was open to my suggestions, he was a bit hesitant at the busy-ness of the chevron pattern and was thinking of calmer, more pastel wall colours than the vibrant turquoise I suggested.

I went back to the drawing board / internet to get some more ideas and a couple of weeks later presented him with this plan:

The Chevron fabric is part of a line of fabrics by Robert Kaufman that are all done with the same colour scheme (called Bermuda).  I found several others that I loved just as much (two are in the inspiration board above), and P liked them as well.  He was also a big fan of the “birdie” theme – birds are incorporated into the room via the fabric, a wall decal, and a mobile.

With this inspiration board complete and the master bedroom reno winding down, our nursery project was set in motion!

(As many of the images in the board ended up in the nursery, I’ll be sharing all of the sources in my reveal post tomorrow.)


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