Master Suite: The Before

Over the past 2 renovation-related posts I’ve shared a bit about what “inspired” our renovation, and the layout changes we proposed to do.  What I haven’t shown you yet is what the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom looked like before the renovation began.  For the record, the first few pictures I’m about to share were the ones included on the MLS listing for our house before we bought it…

Our house was built in 1972.  While we since discovered that the shower stall was redone at least twice since the original construction, the vanity was original (but painted).


You can see the reflection of the shower door in the mirror above the vanity.  Very small and claustrophobic feeling.

The bathroom was not the style or decor that we would have chosen (obviously, because as you will see when I finally take “after” photos we completely changed it!).  But it was clean, relatively neutral, and something we could live with until the time to renovate presented itself.  Of course, we thought that would be another 5 or 10 years down the road…


The Master Bedroom, before we moved in

The Master Bedroom, before we moved in

The bedroom was the first room in the house we decorated when we moved in 4 years ago.  A team of friends came over to help tear down the *gorgeous* 80′s wallpaper (yes, that statement is oozing with sarcasm), and we replaced a similarly aged ceiling fan (which I’m pretty sure matched a set of lamps my parents had back in the day).


While we liked the wall colour that we painted it initially, after 3 years we were already sick of it.  We came to decide yellow was NOT a relaxing colour, something we wanted in our bedroom.  It was also a lot darker than we had originally envisioned based on the paint chip.  So since we were doing all this work and half of the bedroom walls would need repainting anyways, we decided to change up the decor.


In addition to being awkwardly located in the room, the closets had the original builder-installed shelf and metal hanging rod.  That’s it.  Needless to say, anything else would be an organizational improvement.

Yes, our master suite had a lot of potential but definitely was in need of some updating.

To get the ideas going, I asked P to go online and save some photos of bathroom and bedroom images where he liked the decor.  I used Pinterest to do the same (caution: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE website).  This was an amazing help – when you go back and look at the photos you’ve collected you can really see the “trends” in what you have picked and the elements that show up over and over again.

Even better? Most of our images had similar looks and colours.  While we didn’t agree 100% (I loved carrera marble, P did not), there was enough overlap that we easily came to a shared vision of what we wanted the space to be.  And then we spent the next 6 months making that vision a reality!


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