The Master Plan

Previously, I shared with you the leak that started it all, and I alluded to our “daydream” renovation.  This was an idea that was hatched a year before when we were hiking in New Hampshire.  Something along the lines of “wouldn’t our bedroom be better if…”.

The layout of our bedroom was an irregular shape thanks to the location of two his and hers reach-in closets.  Closets we had yet to organize and were seriously underutilized as a result.  The ensuite bathroom was tiny, and the shower felt cramped due to a very tiny doorway and a bulkhead that blocked light from entering above the opening.

The floor plan looked like this:

Layout Before

What we dreamed of doing was extending the bathroom and adding some useful additional storage in a linen cabinet.  At the same time, a walk-in closet would be created in the resulting space next to the bathroom extension.  This would allow us to demolish my old closet, and create a nice rectangular shape to the bedroom area.  So the rooms would now look like this:

Layout After

In order to conserve space we decided to use pocket doors for both the closet and bathroom.  The yellow spots in the layout above indicate the new or relocated light fixtures for the renovated space.  Our shower stall had always been dark, so I was keen to add a pot light in there.

The only “negative” to the proposal was that the attic access hatch which was hidden in my closet would then be visible in the ceiling of the bedroom.  It was a negative that we were willing to live with, especially as the new closet would be tight on space and have little room to spare for a hatch.

So that sums up the layout changes.  What about the decor?  More on that later, but for now I’ll leave you with this picture of the fabric that inspired it all – Gazebo, Cloud (viaTonic Living):



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