Sometimes the Reno Chooses You

When I started this blog last year I intended it to be a way of recording our puppy’s growth, and sharing anecdotes about our experiences as we became dog owners with family and friends.  Since the title is “Life with a Dog”, I’ve stuck to dog-only posts. 

The reality is that life with a dog also involves many other non-dog related events.  So moving forward, I’m going to begin sharing other aspects of our life that aren’t necessarily all about Kona. 

Last Spring and Summer our lives (just like this blog) were devoted to all things puppy.  However, there is one major endeavour that has occupied our time for the last 7 months (and I’m not referring to our newest family addition due at the end of August)….

One day towards the end of summer I was wandering around our house, chatting with my mom on the phone, when I walked into our Dining Room and discovered a huge puddle of water on our dining room table.  Yes, our dining table, also known as the most prized piece of furniture in our home. The only one we have truly splurged on – ourBenchwright table from Pottery Barn.

Needless to say the phone call ended abruptly and there was some yelling to get P’s attention.  The source of the puddle?  Our ensuite shower was located directly above.  And while the ceiling damage was pretty unimpressive:

dining room ceiling

… trust me, the volume of water that had accumulated on our table was not.  Yes, there was permanent water damage.  Thankfully, the table is of “rustic” design, so we’re just considering it additional character.

Moving forward we had a problem to deal with.  A few days later, after hours of demolition, P concluded that the original membrane installed in the shower when the house was constructed in 1972 had disintegrated and caused the leak.  He had to go through not one but 2 shower systems (a “bath-fitter” type enclosure, then a tiled shower) to get to the bottom of things.  He even found a Pepsi can and newspaper from the 80′s in-between the wall studs of the shower stall.

So then came decision time.  The shower needed to be rebuilt – that wasn’t an option.  And if we were going to redo the shower, why not redo the rest of the ensuite?  Since we intend to stay in this home as long as we can (it’s our “forever” home), we only want to reno the bathroom once, so should we go ahead with the “daydream” reno we had discussed before?

Logistically, it seemed like the best time to do this.  We were the stereotypical “DINKS” (double income, no kids) which left us with the time and money to take on a major project.  Also, we had another bathroom and bedroom that we could use while the master suite was out of commission.

A lot of researching, costing and number crunching later our decision was made.  ”Daydream” reno was a go.  What did that entail?  I’ll leave that for my next post…


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