Dog Days of May

It’s only the end of May but you wouldn’t know it by the weather these days.  It already feels like we’re in the midst of summer!

Kona loves the outdoors, but she really isn’t well suited to the heat.  She still needs her exercise, so we try to compensate for the higher temperatures by cooling her down with water both before and after her walks.  We’ll either turn on the sprinkler and let her play for a minute, or just hose her down.

This weekend as Kona and I were returning from her afternoon walk we passed by Pippa and Emma’s house.  Pippa saw us through the window and started barking.  B and H came out with the dogs and invited us to their backyard for an impromptu play session.

They have a kiddie pool set up on their deck and Kona was in heaven.  Watching her, Pippa and Emma frolic in the water was hysterical.

It was also “dangerous” to be next to the pool if you didn’t want to get wet!

In between “dips” in the pool, B tried to do a bit of training with all three dogs.  Emma and Pippa sat nicely and waited as B slowly walked away from them.

Emma (left), Kona (middle) and Pippa (right)

Kona?  While sit/wait is a trick she knows very well, the excitement of being next to her BFF and the smell of a treat she doesn’t normally eat was too much and she was always the first to break the wait.  Something to work on!

Thanks to H & B for the very fun play session, and to H for the photos!


2 thoughts on “Dog Days of May

    • Pretty much every other lab looks “fat” next to Kona – we saw the vet last week and he told us she needed to gain about 4 lbs because she’s still a bit under-weight. He couldn’t believe how much we’re feeding her these days (3 cups/day)!

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