Vacations and Family Reunions

A couple of weeks ago P and I went on vacation – our first in almost 2 years.  While we were away, Kona had a vacation of her own.  She went to stay in the same house where she was born.  We knew she would have a great time and when we went to drop her off we were looking forward to seeing her mother, Serena, again. As we turned into the driveway Kona’s excitement level went through the roof (in fact, if we had a sunroof in that car she probably would have!).

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see Serena – after Kona’s litter was born Serena was retired and went to live with another family.  But there was another equally exciting surprise in store for us…


The breeder kept one of Kona’s sisters, Daisy.  P and I watched Kona and Daisy greet one another and play with each other for a while before we left.  It was incredibly cute!

Daisy (Left) and Kona (Right)

We were surprised to see the colour difference between the two of them – Kona is much darker than her sister.  They’re the same height (in fact, all the females at that house were about the same height), although Kona weighs a good 10 lbs less (likely thanks to all the running she does with P).

When they were playing they would periodically pause, and adopt the exact same mannerisms.  Despite the difference in physical appearance, it was like looking at two mirrored images!

Kona (Left) and Daisy (Right)

While Kona was in puppy paradise for the week, P and I were in a paradise of our own – the island of Sint Maarten / St. Martin.  We stayed on the Dutch side of the island and spent a lot of time relaxing on the resort.

Our resort was next to the infamous Maho Beach, which is right next to the airport’s landing strip.

We also got to explore the entire island through day trips (one tour, the rest self-directed).

It was a much deserved break that left us feeling relaxed and recharged by the time we arrived home.  The past 7 months have been very busy for us, as we worked on the most involved home renovation project we have attempted since we moved into our house; a complete redo of our master bedroom, ensuite bathroom and closets.  I’ll be sharing the before and after of that project very soon as we’re just working on finishing up those “last little details”.

The push to finish the project is pretty strong, because our next project is already lined up…

Yes, our home needs a nursery!  Watching Kona’s excitement with little children takes on a whole new meaning for us now, as she’s going to have her own little person to play with. We cannot wait!!!


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