Doggy Sleepover

Yes, we’re alive and all is well.  It’s been a busy couple of months and as a result I’ve been rather delinquent with posting.  In fact, this is a post I should have written 2 months ago and am just getting around to now.  But there will be more posts to come soon (exciting ones with reno before/afters)!

Over the winter P and I were toying with the idea of going away on vacation.  We never got around to it, and one of the stumbling blocks was the pet-care issue.  I had heard many tales of young dogs being left and developing bad habits while the owners were away.  We’ve put in so much work with Kona’s obedience that I didn’t want that to happen.

Then, unexpected circumstances forced us to leave Kona for a weekend.  For family reasons, we had to go to Montreal for an overnight trip at the end of February.  We had a few days notice that it might happen, and during that time I met a neighbour who runs a dog sitting service out of her home.

I ended up asking my co-worker C, the owner of Kona’s buddy Max, if she knew of this person (they work at the doggie daycare Max goes to).  When C found out we needed someone to look after Kona for 2 days, she volunteered!


 While we felt a lot better leaving her with someone we knew, and who had a dog that Kona got along with, I still managed to write a crazy detailed list of “things to know about Kona”.  Her routines, rules we enforced , and her feeding schedule.  Yes, I was the paranoid one leaving her behind.

We dropped her off at 10 am and she was super excited.  We left a half hour later and the two dogs were busy wrestling. 

Later on, at 8 o’clock that night, P (not me) sent a text to C asking how things were going.  She sent us the picture below back, along with a message saying the two of them had not stopped wrestling. 

Yes, they were having a good time! 

The next morning C took them to the park, hoping it would tire them out.  Thankfully it did, and she sent this photo:

We picked up Kona that evening and she was excited to see us (although still willing to play a bit longer!). 

All in all the visit went very well, and for the next couple of days we had a very relaxed, sedate dog in our home.  One that had now mastered walking up and down stairs!  

Several weeks later C admitted she had a confession to make – while she knew we had a strict “no dogs on furniture rule” she did let Kona up on the couch the night we were away.  If she hadn’t told us, we never would have known, as Kona has never tried to jump on our couch since that visit. 

In the end it was a very successful experiment.  So successful, that a few days afterwards we started discussing the possibility of a vacation away.  A possibility which has become a definite – we’ve booked a trip to the Caribbean and can’t wait! 

Kona will also have her own vacation while we are gone.  She is going to stay in the home where she was born.  A week surrounded by other labs – she is going to have a blast!


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