Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Kona!!!

Ten months ago we brought home an 8 week old puppy who looked like this:

First day at home.

Since then, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of a life with a puppy.  At times frustrating, at times entertaining, but mostly fun.  We went through a medical scare in the summer, and then experienced the “joys” of a dog in heat.  And now we have a 1 year old lab.

She’s definitely on the small side of the labrador retriever scale – just 50 lbs, and an inch or so shorter than most other female labs.  But she’s by far the friendliest, happiest, most loving dog I’ve ever known (no bias here of course).  If there’s another living creature that comes into her view, she wants to meet, greet and play with that creature – doesn’t matter what it is!

We can’t imagine life without her.


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