Who’s the Boss?

Is it this 15 lb snuggly beast?

Or this 50 lb bundle of energy?

You should know that Keegan has no front claws.  That, combined with being less than a third of Kona’s weight would suggest that he might not get the upper hand.

Until recently we hadn’t put it to the test.  The ground floor of our house is divided by baby gates so that Keegan can live unmolested in a Kona-free zone.  Normally, they just meet at the gate between the Kitchen and foyer.

Kona always rushes to the gate in the morning to say hello.  She bows to Keegan, to let him know she wants to play and her tail wags a mile a minute.  Keegan stares her down.  Periodically he paws at her.  Kona will sometimes reciprocate with her paw through the gate.

And that has been it… until the other day.  Keegan, while very snuggly and affectionate, is also really mouthy.  Especially around mealtimes.  Lately, he’s taken to sitting right by the gate and demanding food.  He was being particularly belligerent the other day and we’d had enough (he’d already gotten his meal).  Kona was at the gate excited to see him.  So P opened the gate. 

I was downstairs and heard the ensuing chase around our ground floor.  They ended up in a stand-off beneath our dining room table.  Keegan was hissing and growling and making it clear he wanted to be left alone.  Kona was wagging her tail and wanted to play.  Three times she would approach him, then back off.  Keegan finally brought out the claws on his hind legs and got her on the nose.  P stepped in at that point and brought Kona back to the dog zone. 

The next day I was upstairs and we decided to give it another try.  This time Keegan stood his ground beneath a dining chair.  Kona kept approaching him – she would bow down on the ground, keep her head to the ground and creep up towards him.  After 5 or 10 seconds she would back away.  We let it go on for a minute before separating the two.

Of course, Keegan spent the entire minute hissing and growling, although this time he stayed seated and didn’t bring out this claws.  And Kona?  She just kept trying to lick him.  In fact, Keegan’s fur was soaked after we separated them (I’m sure he LOVED that). 

It’ll be a long time before Kona has the self-control to not try and wrestle Keegan to the ground (in play), but I’m sure it will happen eventually.  Until then, we’ll just have to daydream about the day we can finally take down the gates and our cat and dog will hang out in the same space.


One thought on “Who’s the Boss?

  1. Bummer… when we got our second dog it only took them 2 days before they were comfortable enough to share a bed. Although the food bowl and the baby remained sacrosanct. The only times the puppy was in serious trouble were if he got too close to the baby or too close to Sweet Dee’s bowl. Then Sweet Dee would remind him of his place in the pecking order: all the way down at the bottom.

    PS. I was really hoping for an entertaining video when I clicked on this link. But the writing has spurred my imagination into action 🙂

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