Pro #2 – The Great Outdoors

I’ve never been an outdoorsy kind of girl.  I like the idea of being outdoorsy, but it’s just never been part of my lifestyle.  My idea of a perfect winter day involves a mug of hot chocolate or tea, a roaring fire in the fireplace, a comfy couch and a good book.  In the summer, swap that to an iced tea, remove the roaring fire, and the rest is about the same.

But over the past 9 months (yes we’ve had Kona that long now!) I’ve found that outlook changing.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that regardless of the weather, our dog loves and needs to be outside.  She is filled to the brim with energy and must be walked twice a day, or she’ll drive us nuts.  Which means I am going to be outside, whether I like it or not, at least once a day for a solid half hour or more. 

Granted, knowing that I’d be outside in all types of weather I’ve made sure to invest in some quality outdoor gear.  From my yellow wellies and raincoat, to my new winter parka and snow boots – I’ve got the right clothes to keep me dry and/or warm as the case may be. 


Back at the end of summer I mentioned how much i enjoyed the serenity of our morning walks.  As winter approached, there was less and less light during those walks and for the past few months they are in complete darkness.  Despite my morning-person tendencies, lately I’ve found myself dreading getting up on the weekday mornings.  The 5:30 am alarm has not been kind and the thought of the cold or rain hasn’t inspired any excitement on my part. 

But then I head downstairs to receive the most rambunctious, enthusiastic, happy greeting you can imagine.  If that’s not enough, once we get out on our walks any remaining negativity disappears.  It’s peaceful, and some days are especially beautiful – like last Tuesday when Kona and I were the first animal and human to walk on the freshly fallen snow along our route. 


So who knows.  Maybe Kona is making me not just a dog person, but an outdoors person too!


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