Kona’s Bag of Tricks – 10 months

I can’t believe our girl is 10 months already. Her vocabulary list has not really changed since her 9 month post so I won’t be repeating it here.

Kona, 10 months

Her weight is remaining the same at 52 lbs. This month I measured her height (at the shoulders) and she’s 21 inches tall. This is the low end of the adult female lab size. No idea how much taller she will grow, although we do know that she will continue to fill out in girth over the next year. Speaking of girth, she is 26 inches diameter just behind her shoulders and her neck is 19 inches.

The only real change we’ve noticed this month is that she has gotten back into the habit of jumping up. We are not pleased about it and are working hard to discourage it. It’s especially annoying as she will jump up on you from behind.

We’re also working on her manners when it comes to the basement. She’s finally large enough that she can’t fit in the custom cat door that P made for Keegan.

Her curiosity for that space has not diminished. If she’s in the kitchen when one of us needs to go down there we make her sit and wait at the top of the stairs. It takes constant reminding to get her to stay put. Once we are safely at the bottom, she’s given the okay and she just barrels down the steps. She’s only down there for a minute or two but you have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she stays away from the litter box.

We’ve also discovered that if she sees us hugging she will want in on the action – she’ll come right over and sit next to us and if we don’t acknowledge her right away she will either jump up on me or start sniffing me. Another habit to work on!

All that being said our “struggles” with Kona are all very minor. She’s still a puppy and any challenges we face are typical puppy-related antics. P and I often remind each other what a good dog we have – we’re very lucky.


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