My apologies for the long absence since my last post.  Things are very hectic in our household these days – not only are we getting ready for Christmas, P’s birthday was this past Monday and Tuesday he wrote the final exam for a night class he took this fall.  On top of all that we’re in the midst of the most ambitious reno project we’ve taken on since moving into our house over 3 years ago. 

On my daily walks with Kona I generally let her wander around as far as the leash will let her.  Anytime we cross a street, and periodically throughout the rest of the walk I get her to heel.  I do this for safety (when crossing streets or approaching other people / animals) to make sure she still has part of her attention on me.  It also helps to divert her attention away from a scent when she gets focused on one.  When I think she’s heeled nicely and for a good amount of time, I release her from the heel by saying “Okay, go sniff!” and away she goes to explore. 

The other morning when I told her to “go sniff” she promptly slowed down and stepped behind me.  Next thing I knew, I felt a nose creeping up the inside of my thigh, underneath my parka.  The time it took for it to happen was milliseconds – the nose was immediately after I said “go sniff”. 

After a surprised shriek, I let her know that sniffing in that direction was NOT ACCEPTABLE and we continued on our walk. 

Unfortunately, now that she’s nearing her full-grown height she’s taken to sniffing our behinds quite often.  We’re doing all we can to let her know it is bad manners but she’s yet to really catch on.  This is not a habit we want her to maintain – especially when she meets other people!

This morning on our walk she dropped behind me again but this time it was not to sniff.  My raincoat had lots of rain droplets gathering on it and apparently she was thirsty… 



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