Pros #1: Sisterly Love

I’ve decided to incorporate a new ‘theme’ of posts on this blog – pros and cons of having a dog.  Fingers crossed that the amount of “pros” post far outweighs the “cons”!

One of the big upsides to bringing Kona home has been the amount of visitors we’ve had that want to see the puppy.  In particular, it’s been the amount of visits we’ve received from my sister, A. 

A's first visit with Kona, Easter Weekend 2011

I only have one sibling, and A is five and a half years younger than me.  Which means that growing up, we were always in completely different stages in life.  13 year olds and 8 year olds don’t really have much in common.  By the time A was a teenager, I left home for university.  Now that we’re in our late 20’s / early 30’s we’re beginning to have a lot more in common. 

Growing up though, one thing we did share was a strong desire to have a family dog.  As the older sister, I started bugging our parents for a dog and when I gave up A took on the task.  Our mom recently went through boxes of our school work and found projects that both of us wrote about our desire for a dog.  Mine was a report on “my greatest hardship” – not being able to have a dog.  The type of dog varied for me: beagles, border collies, labs were all on the list.  A always wanted a dalmation (her dream was to have a dalmation plantation, just like in the movies).  We even had a name, Dinah, for the dog we wanted so desperately.

Since Kona has arrived A has made a point of coming to visit us at least once or twice a month.  She’s got a very busy schedule, but when she can she’ll stop by our house in Markham.  Since she’s been living in Oakville, and now Etobicoke, travelling to our house in Markham is quite an effort. 

A swim at our parent's house, Summer 2011

A’s visits are great for Kona.  A has helped us work with Kona on her behavior with people other than P and I.  She’ll discipline Kona, and reinforce all the training we’re trying to instill.  But the greatest benefit for me is spending more time with A, and hearing all about what’s going on in her life. 

On her last visit, A giggled after Kona went up and started licking her feet.  I asked P if she and I laughed the same.  He said no, but that we did sound the same when either of us told Kona to “sit”.  A and I looked at each other, smiling, with the identical thought in each of our heads.  Both of us use a stern tone and really enunciate our words when we give a command to Kona.  We know EXACTLY where we got that from – we’re just like our mom! 

One of the reasons my sister is very busy these days is she is embarking on a new career path and starting her own business as a free-lance make-up artist.  If you are in need of a make-up artist, please check out her work on her Facebook page, where you will also find her contact information.


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