Kona’s Bag of Tricks – 9 months

Feels like I was just writing her 8 month post yesterday and here we are at her 9 month birthday already!  I don’t have a proper 9 month photo, but I will try to take one so that I can share it soon.

It’s been an interesting month.  P and I were home for a week and a half at the end of October / beginning of November.  Kona ended up at the dog park pretty much every day, sometimes twice, and P continued to bring her after work on weekdays.  We since discovered she has picked up a couple of bad habits that a few of her dog park buddies have shown her.  Specifically, she is not responding to recalls when she is off leash.  She’s also beginning to play “keep away” and is jumping up when she wants something (a toy, or treat).  As a result, we’ve cut back on the dog park visits and we are focusing our training energy on getting her to respond when called.

We’ve also decided to apply a similar philosophy to jumping up as the one behind speak / quiet.  You can’t teach a dog to be quiet until they have learned how to speak (otherwise, they don’t know what quiet means).  We are continuing to tell her “off” when she jumps up uninvited, but we are starting to use the command “hugs” for when she is allowed to jump up and give us a hug.  We’ll see how that goes!

Also this month, we started a reno project in our master bedroom and were pleasantly surprised to discover that she will settle quietly in her crate while hammering / banging is going on directly above of her head.  So that’s great news!

Commands she knows well:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (up to 1 min, with rewards every 20-25 seconds)
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Take it
  • Heel
  • Go to bed
  • Okay (permission to move / eat)
  • Go sniff (to release her from heel)
  • Shake (shakes her right paw)
  • Paw (shakes her left paw)
  • High-Five
  • Circle (turning clockwise)
  • Around (turning counter-clockwise)
  • Touch (a game where she move around the room and she touches our right hand with her nose each time we say ‘touch’.  So much fun!!!)
  • Waiting at open doors / gates
  • Speak
  • Quiet
  • Sitting when on a walk and the leash leader stops walking.
  • Noses

Commands she is good, but not great at:

  • Watch (a focus command where she cannot look away from us) – she’s getting better at this one
  • Beg
  • Come – still needs work when distractions or temptations are present.
  • Inside (used instead of ‘come’ when we want her to come into the house instead of continuing to play)
  • Stand
  • Roll-over
  • Cuddles
  • Hugs
  • Park it

Commands that are new and/or need work:

  • Play Dead / Bang

Her weight hasn’t really changed.  In fact, we took her into the vet a couple of weeks ago and were told she was developing a bit of fat mass around her ribcage.  We’ve reduced her diet accordingly, and will be transitioning from puppy to adult food as our current bag runs out.  Only 2 weeks on the reduced portion and we can already feel a difference on her rib cage.


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