Marley & Me

This past weekend P and I watched the movie “Marley & Me” for the first time.  The movie is based on a book, which is a man’s account of the yellow labrador retriever that he and his wife brought home early in their marriage. 

Overall, we both really enjoyed the movie.  In fact, I would recommend it to anyone who has lived with a dog, especially a labrador retriever.  There are too many typical “puppy” or “dog” moments that you will identify with.  Every few minutes P and I would burst into laughter at a scene in the film, and our niece would look at us like we were crazy.   

In fact, there’s one scene in particular that really resonated with me.  Earlier this fall I shared a story about Kona and our neighbour’s pool.  A similar account was portrayed in the movie and all I could think was “THAT’S MY DOG!!!”. 

Entertainment aside, I do have one complaint.  I found that the movie suggested that Marley was a bad dog.  In fact, the movie tagline on IMDB states “A family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog”. Any dog owner having watched the film would disagree.  Marley is not a bad dog nor is he neurotic – he is a typical dog with no training.  We’ve only had Kona for 7 months now and I have no doubt that she would be perpetrating many of Marley’s antics were it not for the fact that she is always crated when left alone and we have been very diligent in her obedience training. 

Randomly enough, when Kona was about 4 months old we met a gentleman from our neighbourhood while we were out on a walk.  I have no idea his name, or where in our neighbourhood he lives.  But he shared with us a story about his lab (who passed away last year) and told us about the book, Marley & Me.  At the time he was in the process of reading it and told us it was a “must read”.  A few weeks later, we discovered a copy of the book in our mailbox.  Unfortunately, we’ve yet to cross paths with him again so I’ve been unable to thank him. 

I have a large stack of books that I’ve borrowed from friends, or the library, and I had yet to get to Marley & Me.  After seeing the movie, I am looking forward to reading the book, hopefully during the Christmas holidays.


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