Piggy Grunts and Wagging Tails

Every time Kona greets myself or P the reaction is the same. She runs to us, and starts moving around us in circles. Her tail is wagging furiously, and her entire body wiggling along with it. She nudges us with her nose and rubs her body against us. If its been more than an hour since she saw us last the enthusiasm of the greeting intensifies. First thing in the morning, or after a long day at work, she will make her “piggy grunt” sounds and roll over onto her belly for a good belly rub.

The reaction is similar if she meets someone new while we are on our walk or if we have a visitor in our home. On weekday mornings it is rare for Kona and I to meet someone during our 6 am stroll. However, this Friday was an exception. At the end of our walk, we were heading towards our house when Kona spied someone at our neighbour’s house across the street. He was loading a couch that our neighbour left on the curb into his truck.

He saw us, and commented on Kona’s noticable eagerness to say hello. We went over for a greeting and he received an affectionate hello. As we were chatting he commented that dogs are “love in motion“.

I can’t think of a better phrase to describe Kona.


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