The more things change…

6 years ago today I was sharing an apartment with my friend M near Mount Pleasant & Eglinton in Toronto.  It was our last month in that building, and I was packing to move to a condo near St Lawrence Market.  I took a break from my packing that night.  I hopped into my still relatively new car…

and drove to a coffee shop in Forest Hill.

Since I was my usual 5-10 minutes early, I waited outside.  Luckily I was bundled up in my white “bond girl” jacket (see car photo above).  I spied a good-looking guy my age inside the shop, but thought, it can’t be him it’s too early…

But it was.  P walked out and introduced himself.  It was our first date, the first time we met face to face after connecting on lavalife. We grabbed some hot bevvies (cider for P and chai latte for moi) and went for a walk through the neighbourhood, making a loop that ended at a park above the St Clair Reservoir.

A year later we re-enacted our first date only this time it ended a little differently.  When we got to the park P asked me a very important question, and after he heard my answer he reached into his pocket and brought out this:

Fast forward another couple of years.  We are no longer living in the city and we have a house in suburbia.  I traded in my mini for a civic.  Feeling nostalgic we decided to visit the scene of the crime.  Only this time, when we reached our special secluded spot in the park there was something very different.  It wasn’t so secluded.  The grass was gone and replaced with dirt.  The area was fenced off. It was an off-leash dog park.

We laughed, but inside I felt a bit of disappointment.  Our special place wasn’t what it used to be.  My thoughts of revisiting “our place” as the years went by seemed to be dashed.

But once again, our lives have changed.  This year we are thinking of going back for another visit.  Only this time, we will get to share our spot with the newest member of our family.


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