The Importance of Proper Footwear

My one “con” when we were debating getting a dog was walks in inclement weather.  I am not an outdoorsy person.  Not that I don’t enjoy sunny warm summer weather, but as a general rule I am often on the cold side of the temperature scale.  Being outside on drizzly cold days is not my idea of a good time.

When we were housetraining Kona during all of the Spring showers, I began searching for a pair of rain boots since I didn’t have any to wear.  I looked everywhere with no success.  I didn’t want to spend a lot, but at the same time I didn’t want something ugly.  I got the idea of a classic yellow rain boot in my head and searched high and low for them with no luck.  I refused to spend $$ for a brand-name like Hunter.

Last Thursday morning it was raining during our walk.  If I thought walking in the rain would be unpleasant, add before sunrise (i.e., in darkness) to the picture and it was worse than I thought.  I didn’t last beyond a short 20 minute walk.  While my new rain coat kept my top half dry, my shoes, socks and the bottom 6″ of my jeans were soaked.  I was cold and miserable by the time we got home.

I spent my lunch hour searching online for rain boots and finally had some success.  The women’s wellies at Lands End caught my eye (as did their sale), but after reading the reviews I opted for the Kids Wellie Boots instead (less than half the price and apparently fit better).  In yellow.  I was eager for their arrival.

Fast forward to today… While I normally have the morning shift I also get to do the Tuesday afternoon puppy walk since P is taking an evening course this Fall.  As I got into my car the rain was starting and my mood was beginning to turn sour.  Rain ruled out a trip to the dog park, since very few owners bring their dogs in this weather.  I drove home trying to think of a walking route.  I had to rule out parks and trails since I was still relying on my running shoes.

As I drove into our driveway I was inwardly cursing at the increasingly heavier rain.  And then I looked towards the front door and saw a parcel.  Yes, these had arrived…

I tried them on and they seemed to fit well.  They passed Kona’s sniff test.  Off we went, on what proved to be the longest walk we have taken together so far.

When we got home we played in our backyard in the rain for a while longer.  And by the time we got inside Kona was absolutely drenched.  On the other hand, my feet were toasty warm.  And completely dry.  Both of us were very, very happy.

I think it’s time I start researching warm winter boots and parkas, before it is too late!


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