A Day of Firsts

I just looked at the date and realized that Kona is 8 months old today.  She’s growing up fast!

Yesterday we marked two milestones in Kona’s puppyhood.  The first involved her very first bath in our bathtub.  Labs typically only need baths twice a year.  In the spring, Kona was tiny enough to be washed in our laundry room sink.

We weren’t intending to give her a bath yesterday, but during the morning play session at the park her friend Ivy led her into a swampy area and Kona arrived home one big stinky mess.  Kona’s never been upstairs in our house, and certainly never in a bathtub.  Luckily, she is well acquainted with getting hosed down in the backyard, so the handheld shower in our tub was no different.

What is this place and what are you planning?

Since it was a new experience, I think she was a little uneasy.  But she stayed calm, and let P shampoo her coat and rinse it off.  Thanks to some advice from the staff at Global Pets, we were prepared for the “shake off” and grabbed the shower curtain before our entire bathroom was coated in sudsy water.

What is that stuff?

Getting scrubbed

Afterwards she got a good brushing – it is unbelievable the amount of fur that releases after a bath.  We discovered that Keegan’s slicker brush does a much better job than our zoom groom, so we will have to pick up a larger one for Kona.

All clean!

And our other first?  Last night at the end of the evening, P and I were both sitting on the floor.  Kona walked over, and put her head and front paws on my lap and began to doze.  She’s becoming more affectionate every week but this was the first time she initiated a snuggle.  I was thrilled!  P was a little jealous 😉


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