Our Little Helper

This past Saturday I finally had our niece, K, over for an afternoon of crafting.  I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now, but both of our families have had a busy year and we are just now getting around to it.

K is one of Kona’s favourite guests.  They get along great, and have a wonderful time playing together.  K can’t go anywhere without a 4 legged shadow following behind.  It is just adorable to watch.

We started the afternoon by making some chocolate chip cookies (recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman – they have flax seed and therefore are “healthy”).  Kona helped out by keeping K’s toes warm while she mixed the dough.

Next we used my stamping supplies to decorate candles.  Very fun and super easy – I will definitely be doing this craft again!  K made a candle for herself and one for her mom and I made a candle to match our red & silver Christmas decor.

K finished off the candle for her mom by making a coordinating gift bag, tissue paper and card.  She did an excellent job.

Afterwards K and Kona played hide and seek.  I wish I had a video of Kona searching for K because it was just too cute.  At one point, K hid beneath our Laundry sink, and had a towel dangling over the front edge so she was hidden in view.  Kona went rushing into the Laundry Room, got to the end of the room, looked left, looked right, spun in a circle, then looked at me with a “where did she go?” expression on her face.  She put her nose to work and discovered K’s hiding place, at which point Kona’s tail went from a somewhat happy wag to an ecstatic super-fast wag.  They could have played the game for hours.

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon, enjoyed by niece, Aunt and puppy.  Definitely going to have to repeat it!


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