The Gang

In some earlier posts I have referred to the weekend dog gatherings in a nearby park that we bring Kona to.  I thought it was only fair that I share a bit more about these play sessions, as they are normally a lot less eventful than the Rolo incident!

While the dogs present for the gathering each morning may change on a given day, the routine is the same.  Lots of fetching, some tug of war over prized balls and Frisbees, begging for treats, and always lots of fun.

The core group of dogs includes:

  • Piper – a white poodle cross who loves his Frisbee and rolling around in the mud.
  • Max – a golden retriever / poodle cross who is also equally adept at finding mud puddles.


  • Jackson – a black lab/irish setter cross who is the lead treat finder.

Jackson, being harassed by Kona

  • Henley – a golden retriever who has shown more patience for Kona’s puppy antics than any dog or person we’ve met.
  • Bailey – a border collie mix who is by far the fastest dog I have ever seen.
  • Coco – a medium size rescue who is Kona’s favourite playmate.  When they first met Coco was twice Kona’s size but Kona has gradually surpassed him.

Coco and Kona playing tug of war

  • Ivy – the yellow lab who likes to explore the brush beside the park and who Kona will follow just about anywhere,

Ivy and Kona retrieving the frisbee

  • Fry – a golden retriever who is part of Ivy’s family.  On cold days Fry will keep me warm by leaning up against me for a snuggle.
  • Sadie – a chocolate lab that represents all we hope Kona to grow up to be (sweet, friendly, and moderately mellow).

Sadie, about to be attacked by her mini me (I love this picture)

  • Dance, Mac, and others

Just as Kona’s manners with humans has greatly improved, so have her dog manners.  When we first started bringing her to the park she would try and tackle / wrestle with any of the dogs that were at least twice her size.  Lots of nipping at their ears.  As you can imagine, many of the older dogs have no patience for this (and who can blame them), so at times we had to step in and redirect her.

These days the tackling, nipping and wrestling is at a minimum and she spends most of her time chasing after Coco and Ivy when they play fetch, and then trying to steal the frisbee or ball away from them.  She has a great time and we end up with a nice, relaxed, tired dog!

When we first brought Kona to this park we thought all the adult dogs were huge.  Now we are realizing that Kona isn’t far off from their size and they don’t seem all that large anymore.

Not only have the get-togethers been great for using up some of the infamous lab puppy energy, but the owners are a great resource for us.  We’ve received many recommendations and tips to help us as we raise our first dog.  I’m very grateful that my co-worker, Max’s owner, told me about these gatherings!


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