Happy Thanksgiving!

Apologies for the belatedness of my post, but our long weekend was rather busy and I’m just getting a moment to share it now.  Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was filled with fun, family and organization as we get ready for more projects in our home. 

Kona started off the weekend with a splash, literally.  There’s a family who lives not far from us that have two young girls.  Kona always stops to play with them when our walks take us by their house as they are often in the front yard with their Dad.  The family has a 2 year old boxer named Duke but he and Kona haven’t had a chance to get to know each other.  On our Friday evening walk Duke came out to meet Kona and they had a fantastic time playing with each other.  I’ve never seen a boxer ‘box’ and Duke showed off his skills when he was playing with Kona. 

Since the street they live on is rather busy, Duke’s family suggested we move the play session to their backyard.  When we got in there we discovered they had a gorgeous in-ground pool.  Kona wasted no time – in less than 5 minutes she had jumped in for her first dip (of many).  She’s apparently gotten over her dislike of jumping into deep water as she managed to repeatedly jump into their deep end and swim to the stairs in the shallow end. 

Duke is not a swimmer, so he stayed on the side and watched Kona swim around while his owners laughed at Kona.  Initially I was a tad mortified, but since they were entertained by her we let her continue.  Luckily their pool was concrete (no liner) so I didn’t have to worry about Kona doing any damage. 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were typical weekend days.  Kona started off at the dog park (more on that in an upcoming post) as soon as the sun was up, then hung out with P in the backyard while he did work in the garden and I worked in the garage staining a new mantle for our fireplace.  Sunday afternoon P and I were off to Thanksgiving with his family and Kona stayed at home with Keegan. 

On Monday, Kona joined us for a trip to Oakville to see my parents and sister.  This was the first time Kona was allowed inside my parents’ home (all summer she swam in their backyard).  She spent the entire time sniffing around and exploring while tethered to either P or myself.  By the end of our afternoon visit she was showing signs of being tired.  She passed out on the car ride home and other than a short walk after dinner was comatose for the rest of the day.  P attempted to wake her up around 8:30 and she just gave him a look of “you’ve got to be kidding me”, made a half-hearted whine then laid down her head and went back to dozing. 

Not only was it great to see everyone, it was fun to see my family’s reaction upon seeing Kona.  It’s been several weeks since they last saw her so they really noticed a change in her size.  My family couldn’t believe how big she has gotten.  P and I are just used to it by now!  53 lbs and counting…


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