Seriously Gross

So, I’ve been a little delinquent in my posts over the past 2 weeks.  Shame on me!  I have a couple that I’m looking forward to sharing, but they are in need of some photographs.  Finally downloaded the pics last weekend but I need to edit them before they can be uploaded with the posts.  In the meantime, I have a few stories to share which certainly do NOT need any visuals to be provided…

Before we brought Kona home a good friend of ours warned us that dogs really like litter boxes.  Since Keegan’s box is in our basement, keeping Kona away from it is a simple matter of making sure she can’t go downstairs.  

The previous owners of our house removed the door to the basement long before we ever moved in.  I’ve always wanted a door there, but it took the puppy / litter box issue to convince P to install one.  During the first 2 weeks Kona was home P not only installed the door, but crafted a custom cat-door within it and equipped the main door with a self-closer.  Yeah, it’s pretty darn fancy.  The objective was to make sure the door was always closed (and therefore not obstructing our kitchen) and to make sure Keegan’s access to his litter box was never blocked. 

The door has been in place for quite some time.  While Kona is still small enough to fit through the cat door, we managed to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t go downstairs.  And then we did something stupid (aka Mistake #1). 

A few weeks ago P discovered at his grandfather’s house that Kona she does not know how to walk up or down stairs (side note:  it’s actually pretty entertaining watching a 6 month old lab try and negotiate stairs if they haven’t been on them EVER).  In a moment of “not thinking” we let Kona follow P down to the basement because we thought it would be good practice.  We didn’t think (until it was too late) that we were exposing her to dog heaven – a massive storage room with all sorts of things to sniff and explore, including a litter box. 

She didn’t discover the litter box during that trip.  A few days later I was watching TV in the family room and she was settled under the kitchen table.  It was pretty darn quiet and I assumed she was sleeping (this would be mistake #2 – a sleeping dog is never that quiet).  I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink and realized that Kona was nowhere to be found.  I ran downstairs, and she came trotting out of the room with the litter box to greet me.  I have no idea how long she was down there, but I do know that the litter box was clear of any cat poop. 

Yeah, it was pretty disgusting.  P and I were both equally grossed out and together we brushed Kona’s teeth (there was litter sticking to them – ugh).  I was pretty angry with myself for letting this happen on my watch.  Since then it has happened twice when P was in charge, so my conscience feels somewhat better. 

Apparently this is pretty common – I’ve read that cat feces is high in protein so dogs find it exceptionally tasty.  Yes, yet another reminder of how I am SO DIFFERENT from a dog! 

We’re hoping it won’t be long until Kona is too big for the cat door.  At this point she really has to squeeze her torso to fit through it.  And until then, we lean our bathroom scale against the opening so that she’ll have to knock it over to get through (thereby alerting us to her naughtiness).  Keegan is never in the kitchen when Kona is so that hasn’t been a problem.  Plus, if he really needs to use it, he sits by the gate to the Kitchen and meows until Kona leaves the room and he can access the basement door. 

Fingers crossed she outgrows the door soon, and until then we won’t have any more litter box mishaps!


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