Meet the Neighbours

P and I have lived in our neighbourhood for more than 3 years now.  In that time we have gotten to know our immediate neighbours, but not many other people.  We kept hearing that the way to meet people was to have a dog or a baby.  With Kona’s arrival that certainly became true for us.  We have met many more families on our street, as well as on the surrounding streets. 

Two people we have been very lucky to meet are H & B, who live only a few houses away from us.  P first met them on a walk with Kona when they were in their front yard with Emma, their 9-year-old yellow lab. 

Emma is an absolute sweetheart.  The second time we met I greeted her with a “Hello Emma”  as she, H and B were walking towards our house.  As soon as I spoke, Emma came bounding over to say hi to me and that was it, she had me wrapped around her paw so to speak. 


Pippa joined their family not long after we met them.  Pippa is an adorable chocolate lab and is only 2 months younger than Kona. While Kona started out much larger (2 months vs 4 months), Pippa is quickly closing the gap. 

It’s been fun watching them both grow.  Now that they have reached 4 and 6 months old they are starting to develop different features.  Kona looks like a traditional English Labrador Retriever (broad skull, solid / stocky frame) while Pippa is beginning to develop more of the American look (narrower skull, trimmer frame).  Both are a gorgeous dark brown colour although I *think* Kona is a bit darker. 


Pippa is finally big enough that we can let the two of them play together, and it is just too much fun to watch.  If we let them, they would wrestle and nip at each other for hours.  As anyone with a puppy can appreciate, there is no better way to exhaust a puppy than to let them play with another puppy!  Emma and I are perfectly content to sit and snuggle while the two little ones play. 

Pippa (red collar) & Kona (purple collar)

As you can see from the photos, the puppy playing can be pretty frenzied – we have to make sure and step in and give them breaks every so often so that they don’t get too wound up. 

Kona + Pippa = Puppy Chaos

Puppy watching aside, it has been great getting to know H & B.  They’ve given us many recommendations and tips for nearby hiking trails, pet foods and treats, pet shops, and the all important grooming tool to deal with shedding.  They seem to share a love of food and cooking with us (I hope to investigate that further), and I know P is thrilled to have someone he can get woodworking tips and advice from.  It is great to be able to speak with neighbours on non-puppy related topics!

Emma and Pippa relaxing before our walk

My apologies for the less than stellar quality of the photos.  P and I were dog-sitting last Sunday and took all three to the park for some playtime.  With 3 dogs, including 2 wound-up puppies, our hands were full and the SLR was left at home.  I tried to capture a few moments on my iPhone but as you can see, they ended up rather blurred.

Emma & Pippa


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