Affectionately Ours

Greetings from Kona have always involved lots of kisses (licking), piggy grunts, and eager excitement.  While she is not necessarily interested in snuggling, she manages to show us signs of affection when we least expect it. 

One such moment occurred the other day, first with P and then with me.  P was playing with Kona and got down on the floor to wrestle with her.  In my case, I was on my hands and knees on the floor, reaching under the couch to retrieve one of her chew toys.  Both situations involved our heads at or below her level. 

In the past, she has responded to these moments by licking our faces and gently nibbling on our ears.  This time around, she added another affectionate gesture to the mix.  She patted us on the head.  Yes, as if we were the dogs and she was the human! 

It seems she has taken what we do to her, and she is turning the tables on us 🙂


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