Kona’s Health – Updated

It’s been a week and a half since Kona was diagnosed with her staph infection, and I thought I would share an update on how she is doing.  We are completing the second week of antibiotics, and are starting to wean her off of the steroids.  Hopefully her symptoms will not reappear / worsen and we won’t need another round of either one. 

The rash on her underside is all but gone, and the swelling of her vulva is gone.  The pustules on her face are slowly drying up or popping.  It looks like tiny hairs are starting to grow back on the top of her nose where the pustules were, so we are hopeful that she won’t have much scarring.  Only time will tell…

Her energy levels are back and then some.  She is on a lower dose of steroids, so the thirst and bladder issues have disappeared and we aren’t getting any middle of the night wake up calls.  Unfortunately, for the past 4 days she is uncooperative at bedtime.  Since Day 1 of her arrival she would fall asleep on her own between 9 and 9:30 and needed no coaxing to sleep in her crate.  Now, she is restless up until 9:45 or 10 pm and if crated before she settles she will commence a long barking session.  We are torn on how to respond, as we don’t want her to be rewarded for barking but we also don’t want the neighbours to complain about the noise.  For now, we are getting her to settle outside of the crate, and then getting her to move to the crate for the night.  P and I are getting a lot of reading done while we wait. 

On the plus side, her attentiveness and responsiveness to commands has stayed at the higher level for a solid week now.  Even with minor distractions, she will heel as soon as the command is given.  She is maintaining a high level of obedience on her walks which are increasing in length. 

We’ve also discovered that “first time illness” is covered in our pet insurance policy (something I will address in a future post), so we should get most of our vet costs back.  Also, the vet gave us a credit for the second visit (when we were misdiagnosed), which served to offset the cost of the emergency visit. 

All in all, we’re just happy to have a recovering puppy in our house.  Fingers crossed that we have beaten this thing.  And the bedtime issue may resolve itself on its own – we’ll probably have an entirely different puppy a week from now!

One final note – if you are curious about what Kona’s face looked like do a google search on “puppy strangles“.  This isn’t what she was diagnosed with (it occurs in puppies 2-4 months of age and she is 6 months), but the symptoms are identical.  You can also check out my original post that has a not-so clear picture of Kona 24 hours after diagnosis, before her symptoms hit their worst point (taken on my phone, so not the greatest quality).


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