Kona’s Bag of Tricks – 6 months

With all of our energy focused on Kona’s illness and our lack of sleep tending to her, her 6 month birthday came and went last week and I forgot to update her vocabulary list! 

Below is a list of the commands that Kona knows as of the end of August: 

Commands she knows well:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (up to 1 min, with rewards every 20-25 seconds)
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Take it
  • Heel
  • Go to bed
  • Okay (permission to move / eat)
  • Go sniff (to release her from heel)
  • Shake (shakes her right paw)
  • Paw (shakes her left paw)
  • High-Five
  • Circle (turning clockwise)
  • Around (turning counter-clockwise)
  • Touch (a game where she move around the room and she touches our right hand with her nose each time we say ‘touch’.  So much fun!!!)

Commands she is good, but not great at:

  • Watch (a focus command where she cannot look away from us) – she’s getting better at this one
  • Waiting at open doors / gates
  • Beg
  • Speak
  • Quiet
  • Sitting when on a walk and the leash leader stops walking.  She’ll sit, but she knows it is coming and she sits before I stop completely.  Need to get her to sit immediately to my right (and not behind me). 
  • Come – she is only reliable when she knows there is a treat waiting but we’ve seen a lot of progress over the past week. 
  • Inside (used instead of ‘come’ when we want her to come into the house instead of continuing to play)

Commands that are new and/or need work:

  • Stand (new, still learning the word)
  • Roll-over – we just learned a few tricks to ‘help’ her roll over, so hopefully this trick will progress quickly. 
  • Play Dead / Bang

Over the past week her obedience and response to commands has drastically improved.  She will come or heel 99% of the time when given the command on a walk.  When we let her out for bathroom breaks, she is consistently returning to the back door even without the ‘inside’ command. 

I discovered on the weekend that getting her to sit / stay while I sweep the floors is an excellent way of keeping her away from the broom (she thinks it is a toy).  With the broom as a distraction, she can really only stay for 15 seconds without being rewarded and retold to stay. 

In terms of her growth, she reached 45.6 lbs last week.  She is developing a barrel chest – she will definitely be a prime example of an English (show) labrador retriever as opposed to an American (working/field).


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