Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

We were very fortunate to discover a wonderful group of people and dogs who gather at a nearby park every weekend morning.  Once Kona was cleared to meet other dogs, we began taking her to this early get together so that she could get some exercise while playing (and socializing) with a variety of dogs. 

The dogs range in size and breed, and several of them are rescues.  All of them are friendly, happy, well-behaved dogs.  The owners are great people who are all responsible dog-owners.  It is a great environment for Kona to get to know other dogs and breeds and learn some dog manners! 

While the core group of dogs is the same every day, there are always one or two dogs that drop by each time that we haven’t met before.  One morning a few weeks back I was at the park with Kona and a “new” (to us) dog arrived.  His name was Rolo and he was a Hungarian Vizsla.  Friendly, beautiful dog, and such a great name! 

Rolo’s owner and I were chatting as our dogs played (although not with each other, Rolo was not a big fan of Kona’s puppy antics).  At one point, I was focussing on Kona’s interactions with another lab when all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet flowing onto my foot.  In the first split second I thought her water bottle was leaking.  As I looked down to see what it was I realized that Rolo was peeing on my leg. 

I’m not quite sure what thoughts started to flood through my mind at that moment, because I realized that Kona had just gotten into a spot she shouldn’t be.  Off I went to chase down our puppy.  Once I had Kona, Rolo’s owner came up to me and began apologizing profusely.  As you can imagine, she was mortified and she repeatedly offered to pay for cleaning my jeans.  All I could do was laugh.  As I told her, I was doing laundry that day anyways.  Besides, my jeans would be a lot easier to clean than some of the crate messes Kona made when her digestion was off. 

That’s probably the moment I knew I was truly a dog person.  Being peed on by a random dog and not being upset in the slightest.

Kona (3 months)


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

  1. I love reading about your adventures with Kona! And what a small world! We met Rolo about 3 weeks ago at the Markham farmers market! Stell loved petting him….she begs for a dog at least once a week…..I think it’s time for another visit with Kona!

  2. Kona would love to play with Stella again – you won’t believe how much she has grown since you guys last saw her! And after your move we may run into one another at the Stouffville Farmer’s Market (Kona loves seeing the livestock there).

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