One of the fun parts of watching Kona grow is discovering her many cute little quirks.  When she was a young puppy she would occasionally fall asleep with her tongue sticking out.  Yes, it was exceptionally adorable!

Another quirk we’ve discovered lately involves her excitement at doing training exercises.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Kona enjoys learning new tricks and practising the ones she already knows.  I’m sure this is largely due to the “rewards” that come with the training.  We reserve a part of her daily kibble for use as rewards, as well as some special treats (Zuke’s Mini Naturals) that we save for the harder, or newer commands. 

When Kona hears certain commands, she will lick her lips in anticipation of the treats that are about to come her way.  One such command is “heel”, as it usually involves 3 or more treats in quick succession.  

I’ve wanted to capture the lip licking in a photo for some time but it’s proven to be challenging.  Walking a dog, feeding treats, and taking a photo is a bit too much activity for me to master all at once!  Luckily, Kona managed to lick her lips the other day when I was already in the midst of taking her picture for a completely different reason.

Unfortunately the quality of the photo isn’t the best as it was taken on my phone, but you get the idea!


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