Kona’s Bag of Tricks – 5 months

Training isn’t so much a scheduled event in our house, as it is an activity we incorporate into every day life.  The opportunities to practice a command are endless, and we are careful only to try when we are guaranteed of success.  As Kona’s maturity and obedience increases weekly, I thought it would be interesting to start to log her tricks every month. 

While we focus on a lot of obedience commands, we’ve found that Kona enjoys learning new tricks (no doubt due to the fact that she receives yummy treats for successfully accomplishing each new command).  As a result, P has been introducing lots of ‘fun’ commands into her daily playtime.

Below is a list of the commands that Kona knows as of the end of July: 

Commands she knows well:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (up to 45 seconds, with rewards every 15 seconds)
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Take it
  • Heel
  • Go to bed
  • Okay (permission to move / eat)
  • Go sniff (to release her from heel)

Commands she is good, but not great at:

  • Shake / Shake a paw
  • High-Five
  • Circle
  • Watch (a focus command where she cannot look away from us)

Commands that are new and/ or need work:

  • Roll-over
  • Play Dead / Bang
  • Up
  • Speak / Quiet

The Stay and Wait commands are used constantly.  At dinnertime, Kona sits still and watches her bowl until she is told ‘okay’.  We’re currently working on her manners by making her wait every time a door, gate or crate is opened. 

She definitely has more fun learning tricks than obedience commands.  There are so many fun ones out there, I’m sure we won’t run out of ideas.


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