Growing Up Fast

I was flipping through our picture files to find images to share on this blog.  As I looked back through some of the early pictures, I was amazed at how tiny Kona was.  We know she’s growing fast – when she first came home with us, there were times we swear she got bigger after one of her naps – but you don’t quite realize what a change there has been until you have a picture in front of you to remind you.

Here are just two examples of how much Kona has grown since April:

Kona sitting on P's lap (10 weeks old)

Kona and I at her graduation from Puppy Kindergarten (4 months old)

The second picture was taken almost 6 weeks ago. To put things in perspective, when Kona arrived at our home (2 weeks before the first photo) she weighed in around 9 lbs. In the second picture her weight was near the 30 lbs mark.  As of August 5th, she’s surpassed 40 lbs.  The weight for an adult female labrador retriever is listed at 55 – 70 lbs on the CKC’s Breed Standard, although Wikipedia increases the range to 55 – 93 lbs.

** Updated (August 10, 2011)**

P took some more pictures of Kona over the past few days and I thought I would add them so you could see how big she is as of this week (5.5 months old):


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