What’s in a name?

One of the many fun perks of getting a pet is the naming process.  It’s so fun, that P and I were suggesting names to one another long before we had decided on a breed.  Which was a little premature, since the name needs to fit both the personality and the appearance of the dog!

A wise dog-owner advised us to be cautious of the name chosen, as dogs tend to live up to their names (i.e., if you name your dog Trouble, that is what you will get).  With that in mind we had many debates.  Our one stumbling block was that P tended to like names that are also used for people.  I was strongly opposed to using people names.  Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that – there are many people names out there that I think are great for dogs.  It’s just that before I met P, I ended up dating someone with the same name as my cat, Keegan (to be clear, I had the cat first).  Yes, it was very entertaining for my friends (and continues to be so) but I didn’t want to pick a human name and end up having a neighbour that shared it with our dog.

As any good spouse knows, the trick to getting what you want is finding a solution that fits your criteria, and appeals to your spouse.  So with that in mind, I started brainstorming potential names that would have significance for us.  Initially I was thinking of places that we had travelled together.  While on the geography concept I also gave thought to our interests and hobbies.  P is a very active person whose current sport of choice is the triathlon.  The Ironman is the Ultimate triathlon, and it originated in Kona, Hawaii where the Ironman World Championship are held each year.  P was keen on the suggestion, and Kona went to the top of our list for girl dogs.  We waited until we had picked out our puppy before we decided on it for sure.

Since bringing Kona home we have discovered that Kona, Hawaii is also known for its coffee.  Very appropriate for our dark brown labrador retriever!


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