To blog or not to blog

I’ve been debating writing a blog for quite some time now.  There are so many out there that I enjoy, and the concept of sharing my thoughts via a blog was appealing.  Yet I struggled with choosing a theme.  I definitely wanted the blog to be about something specific and to have a purpose.  But what should that be?  And even more importantly, do I have time to blog?

For the past 3 months my day to day existence has been focussed around the needs of a very sweet, extremely cute bundle of fur.  At times life with our puppy can be frustrating, other times comical, but always worth every minute.  Which is a good thing as we don’t really have time for anything else!  In fact, when I’m not with her, I’m usually telling anecdotes about her…

Aha – and with that came the inspiration… why not blog about life as a first time dog owner?    My goal with this blog is to share our stories about how our life has changed since we brought our puppy home, our perspectives as first time dog owners and the various joys and challenges that come along with puppy.

Puppy permitting, I hope to post at least once a week.  As we’ve been ‘with puppy’ for 3 months now, there will be many ‘catch up’ posts to keep me busy for the next little while.


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